listen here, internet.

Date November 10, 2008

Traffic jams don’t really bother me.  Neither do long lines in Wal-Mart or the grocery store.  I don’t get stressed when it takes me ages to get my food in a restaurant. 

I’m generally pretty patient.  Hello.  I work with nine year olds.  I have to be.

Truth be told, I can only think of two things that really try me.  The opposite sex.  (No surprise there)  And as of late, the incredible mood swings of the internet here in the coffee region.  Come to think of it the opposite sex is rather temperamental, too, huh?

Moving on.

I’ve drafted approximately seventeen blog posts, 58 emails and 73 facebook messages (read:  I never exaggerate) in the last week only to have them lost somewhere in cybersphere when the internet goes haywire.  I’ve started 62 skype chats and gmail chats and phone conversations and had them cut off mid important sentence. 

People are going to think I’m mad at them or ignoring them or that my life has gotten too boring to discuss.  And it hasn’t!  I’m here!  I’m fun!  I’ve got stories to tell and the internet just.  won’t.  let.  me.  do.  it!

And I didn’t even mention the number of episodes of Friday Night Lights I haven’t been able to watch via Surf the Channel!  Friends, the Dillon Panthers need me to help them pull this state bid off.  Oh, and poor Jason Street!  That fine young man is in serious need of my wise relational counsel. 

Oh, ye internet, how I loathe thee!  At least for today.  Maybe tomorrow we can be friends again.  You know, like, if you get your act together and function properly.

10 Responses to “listen here, internet.”

  1. dani said:

    That was too funny! I was wondering about you! I have checked here probally a hundred times a day. haha!

  2. Lou said:

    Well, I was a wondering! Nice to know all is well.

    When will you be home?

  3. Matt Saracen said:

    I’m ready for my grandmother to die. If she ever walks in on me with Coach’s daughter again, I will smother her with a pillow.

  4. Grandma Saracen said:

    Matthew: Did you eat my Snackwells? My Snackwells!

  5. Anna said:

    Hey! Glad to know you are okay…been looking on here and Twitter for you! Glad you are finally addicted to FNL!! Love you

  6. Kylie said:

    My Friend… i too have been wondering how you are, i’d lost count of just how many times i check all tis sites you might be on. Lots of love xox

  7. Frances said:

    when the internet isn’t happy, nobody’s happy! yeah.. I hope it gets better for you! At home we had dinosaur dial-up until this last summer, and yeah, it was pretty much worse than having no internet at all.

  8. Sisser said:

    all those people are lying. they haven’t really been wondering where you’ve been. don’t let them fool you.

  9. dani said:

    Em, Your Sisser cracks me up! She knows we love you! And if she wrote somewhere we’d all be the same with her! This has nothing to do with anything you wrote, but I told my “big” kids about our water guns and your mishap standing out the sunroof of my old car hahaha! They got a good chuckle out of that!

  10. Tim Riggins said:

    Hey, 7. Don’t say that about your grandma.

    Meet me down at the Landing Strip.