teaching and T.I. who knew?

Date November 4, 2008

I teach. 

It’s my job and I’m crazy about it.  It’s hard and I’m exhausted at the end of every day, but it’s fun.  It’s an adventure and it gives me all sorts of things to write about and think about and read about.

Truthfully, sometimes I feel like the dark horse.  My classroom is different from a lot of others I’ve seen.  At any given time we might sound like farm animals or look like the aftermath of some nuclear disaster.  We’re messy and loud and I know that our neighbors wish we’d give it a rest every once in a while. 

But we can’t.  I can’t. 

That’s not the way I work and it’s not how my kids learn. 

They need the hubbub as much as I do.  Because when it’s loud they’re involved.  They’re asking questions and putting things together and writing plays or playing in the dirt and talking about worms.  They’re doing things, exploring things, learning things and that’s what matters.

I’m not the best that there is at my job; I know that.  And that knowledge, I think, gives me an advantage.  See, I’m learning, too.  I’m looking up to people like Dr. Mims,  Ron Clark, Rafe Esquith and Daniel Robb.  And their stories are helping me to become a better teacher.

As nerdy as it sounds, I get excited when I read about good teachers and creative teaching.  It makes me want to work harder and do more and come up with new ideas and innovations for my classroom.  And I get even more thrills when I see kids getting excited about what they’re doing.  This video gave me chills and a few chuckles today.  And it added a thing or two to my list o’ dreams.


You know, like teaching at the Ron Clark Academy.  And on a boat.  And at a Prep school.  And in a one room school that still uses chalk.  And at an all boys school.  And at a university.  And at a charter school.

A teacher needs goals, right?

6 Responses to “teaching and T.I. who knew?”

  1. Sisser said:

    that was the best thing i’ve ever seen. get crunk.

    and its T.I. not TI.

  2. me.. said:

    wow. I love those kids!

  3. Blake said:

    At an all boys school?

    I guess you can do whatever you like….

  4. Summer said:

    You are my favorite kind of teacher, and I think you and JP’s mom might be kindred spirits. She’s creative and fun and messy, and her students remember her for a lifetime, as I’m sure your students do of you!

  5. Amy Laboe said:

    Did you see my email about starting a school with me? I could come south a bit, and meet you in Atlanta? 🙂

  6. sherry said:

    Loved this video- love the creativity-these guys will never, ever forget this song and all the points learned! Do like Ms. Frizzle says in Magic School Bus: Get messy and take chances! Don’t ever change that zest for teaching. Research shows that the relationship students have with their teacher really does affect their learning. I do believe that! Have a great year!
    Sherry V. (J.P. and Summer’s Mamma V)