a tired brain means a list

Date September 8, 2008

  • I have a crush on a vampire.  (thank you, Twilight Saga)
  • The smell of strawberries makes me think of my Mamaw.
  • Oh, trail mix, how I miss thee.
  • I’d pay an obscene amount of money to meet my Sisser for a movie.
  • There’s nothing better than a box fan and a nap.
  • I got a package today and then I sort of tap danced.
  • Because there were eight boxes of Cheeze Its AND chocolate AND books.
  • Sometimes lists are easier than actually writing coherent, flowy sorts of thoughts.
  • Thus, a list.
  • You’re welcome. 

4 Responses to “a tired brain means a list”

  1. Dani said:

    You are too funny! Did Boomama come through with the Cheeze Its?
    I think I told you this once before, but strawberries remind me of your mama!
    Also, are you seriously reading those vampire books? Rikki & Erin think they are the best. I just can’t bring myself to read them.

  2. Lou said:

    I will ramble as well…
    …while walking round outside with Colton yesterday it was warm but that hint of fall was there and I counted I think 4 of those little yellow butterfiles you mostly see in the fall.
    …it is Monday and I am almost done.
    …yes it is like 90 something outside today and I had to have a coffee break. Either that or a skull fracture.

    Love Ya

  3. Frances said:

    OH yes! Strawberries never fail to make me think of Mamaw! I’ve got a fun strawberry story for you:

    Once she mailed us a big box of her strawberry jam (my mouth is watering), and we had my camp manager’s son Kendall over for lunch. This was when we were all under age 10 or so. Well.. he took one taste of that jam and his face lit up… and he proceeded to shovel out half a jar of the precious jam onto his bread!! I’m sure my eyes were bulging out of my head and my mouth was open. 🙂

  4. Sisser said:

    You can thank me for the vampire-crush. Well, maybe not thank, more so like blame. Lord knows we don’t need to be in love with any more fictional characters. Maybe we should try to like real-life boys instead of impossible ones.

    Okay, I didn’t really mean that last sentence.