i’ll reply soon. i really will.

Date July 9, 2008

I like to feel disconnected sometimes. I like taking deep breaths and not thinking about deadlines or inboxes. I like the slow paced life of the South in the summertime. I like being home.

But I like feeling important and web missed, too.

I finally made my way to some internet. (Thanks, Kathryn, for letting me bum the quiet that is your house with wireless.) There were 167 messages in my inbox, half of which hounded me for more blogs. A quarter or so that welcomed me back to good ole Mississippi and then a little sprinkle of spam.

Oh, and four from the wealthy, good looking men that think they are my prince charming. (read: that last part was a lie. a BIG, FAT lie.)

So, today in this quiet house that is not mine but smells like friends, I think I just might read all of my emails and the 348 items in my Google reader. I think I might read them and walk away. No replies. Not today.

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