The 40 Day Fast

Date June 23, 2008

It starts today. 40 days of fasting. To change the world. By making needs known. It starts today and I’m excited to be a part of it. I’ll be fasting on July 27th and praying for this home-for-awhile of mine.

Be a part of the change.

Follow the crowd at Inspired to Action or check up on all of the other bloggers as they fast and pray for a place in need.

Pray for Brant today as he fasts for the place where God lives.

2 Responses to “The 40 Day Fast”

  1. The Secret Life of Kat said:

    Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. Lou said:

    I went to that sight and that photo was VERY HARD to look at. My God, I pray for your blessing on these people who live in hunger EVERY SINGLE day.