Ragamuffin Top 4 (and 5)

Date June 23, 2008

I was so excited about last week’s Ragamuffin Top Challenge that I made my first video after Blake gave me a little tutorial.  I waited approximately 52 hours before giving up on the forever upload.  And well, this Saturday.  I was just lazy and sad that my video (my very first video!) wouldn’t upload.

Finally, I went to the bloggy video queen.  Oh, yes, friends.  She is funny.  And a flippin’ genius.  So, at last here’s a little video for your viewing pleasure.  (albeit a bit tardy)


Goal/video update:  I ran 5 miles on Saturday and didn’t hurt too badly.  Some ice and advil after and I was good as gold.  Now, about that 5 lbs. I wanted to lose before I head home… yeah.  Let’s talk about it later. 

10 Responses to “Ragamuffin Top 4 (and 5)”

  1. Lou said:

    I am sorry Em, but I couldn’t get the video to work. I t said it was no longer available.

  2. Chris S. said:

    Either you deleted the video or you set it to private and we can’t see it 🙁 Anyway, I am sure it was good and I’m looking forward to your day on The Fast!

  3. Emily said:

    Okay, okay, bloggy friends. I think I fixed the video. I’m so not good at this.

  4. Chris S. said:

    Great job on the vid! Hoping for the hip flexor!

  5. deWeb said:

    congrats on the video. technology is annoying.

    congrats on the five miles. you can do this.

  6. Blake said:

    So that was the needle that you were scared of? OUCH.

  7. Marcelo said:

    Nice video, great sense of humor, and great job on the 5 miles run. This is my first week on the challenge and it’s very encouraging to know we are all in this together. Keep it up! :0)

  8. Summer said:

    You are just hilarious! It’s so great to hear your voice AND see your face.

  9. Jay said:

    Just checking in to see how your week is going. Keep up the work!!!

  10. Lindsay said:

    I almost cried when I saw you in the video. I felt like you were talking to me. At 6:30 a.m. when I was a sophomore. And we were in the locker room at the Turner Center avoiding Mel, who was already in the gym and running on the treadmill next to a 40-year-old bald man she was probably already married to.

    “Sure. We’ll just lose 5 pounds through food. I don’t wanna go up there with her.”

    Oh hell. Let’s just go to the Huddle House.