titanic madness

Date June 16, 2008

I can’t help it.  There are kids that I just really like a lot.  Pedro is one of them.  Pedro (left in the photo) is a 5th grader which means he isn’t in my class.  Still, we interact a lot and I’m constantly impressed by his enthusiasm, his attitude, and what a leader he is becoming.  He was a super star in the elementary production of Newsies which sealed the deal for me.  Any Colombian kid that has a flawless New York accent in his singing voice gets props from me.

Last week the enrichment program presented their year long projects.  Pedro braved the critics and did an independent project.  Even better is that he created a website that I think even Dr. Mims would be proud to share.  He wrote it all in English and presented it in English and Spanish for two audiences.  I was so impressed that I asked him if I could share his website here.

When I asked him about the topic of his website, he said, “I just love it.  I’m fascinated by the story.” I like kids that are fascinated by stories and to tell the truth, the story of the Titanic is one that I think is pretty fascinating, too.

4 Responses to “titanic madness”

  1. Trava said:

    What a wonderful website! Well, done Pedro, well done!

  2. Lou said:

    Very impressive. I am curious about their atire. Is that their uniform? I know crazy question.

  3. Deanna said:

    I too have always been intrigued with the Titanic. I remember the first time I heard about it I was in 6th grade & we had to do projects on it. It was like I couldn’t get enough of it. And there is no telling how many times I’ve watched the three-hour movie!!! Pedro did an excellent job & I’m glad there are still kids who are interested in studying about it.

  4. Blake said:

    I loved that movie. Except for Rose. She told Jack she’d never let go. Then she did, and he couldn’t breathe under the icy water.