i couldn’t make this up

Date June 12, 2008

Juan Miguel sneaks up behind me and gives me a backwards hug.

“Heya, kiddo.”

“Alo, Mees.  You are nice.  No.  You look nice.”

“Well, thanks, Juanmi.  You look nice, too, but you sure are dirty.”

“Yes, Mees.  I was in futbol.  You look cool.  No.  You are cool.  Always cool.”

“Really?  Thanks, Juanmi.  I think you’re pretty cool, too.”

** Juan Miguel dashes away.  He makes it about 10 feet.  Turns around and yells through the crowd of teachers waiting for the bus.**

“No.  Mees.  You are HOT!”

4 Responses to “i couldn’t make this up”

  1. Amy said:

    sheeeit girl, you ARE hot! What a smart lil kid. He knows his women.

  2. Deanna said:

    What a compliment!!! How cute!

  3. Lou said:

    Do you wish you could load up these sweet children and bring them home with you? They obviously adore you.

  4. Brittany said:

    How cute! He had to work his way up to being brave enough to state that one!