no words

Date June 10, 2008

Sometimes I sit down to write and the words come easily. I’m not sure where their origin is or how they find their way behind that flashing black line on my computer screen, but they do. They find their way there and they stay for a while. Until I read them and change them into some different word that’s bubbled toward the surface.

Today isn’t one of those days at all. I’ve been sitting here for ages begging thoughts to come, words to flow. Praying that somehow something worthwhile would end up here, but it hasn’t yet and I’ve been sitting for more than an hour.

I think maybe I’ll give up. I’ll lie down and let dreams take me over. Words come alive there and sometimes I wake up and scribble them in the notebook on my night stand. And when I wake in the morning, there they are, confused and twisted like nighttime words are. And every so often they’re in two languages and I smile at the absurdity of that.

5 Responses to “no words”

  1. Deanna said:

    Ah, even when you think you have nothing to say the words still come out beautifully!

  2. Lou said:

    See this is how it is, I enjoyed reading your no words. You only thought you had nothing to say.

  3. Summer said:

    I read a quote the other day about writing that said that it isn’t that hard–you just stare at the blank page until blood droplets form on your forehead. I thought that was a great description of how I feel from time to time.

  4. Brent said:

    The ahem is a secret for now. But it isn’t a very good one. Anyone could figure it out. I don’t want to hex it though.

    And of course the pools aren’t the same without you. They couldn’t be. Pools + Emily = happy.

    And I love being brown.

  5. Trava said:

    Maybe if no words are coming out, there is info flowing in. That makes it difficult for those words to flow out. Sooner or later the flow will reverse. You’ll have plenty to say and we’ll be waiting – listening. 🙂