Ragamuffin Top

Date June 1, 2008

I ran my first half marathon with my sister-in-law in January. Through the training for it and living in a different country with more fresh fruit and less temptation to go out for dinner, I lost 20 pounds. It felt great. I was excited and motivated. And then, I got lazy. No, I haven’t gained any of the weight back (yet). But it could happen. And no, I’m not in the shape I was in in January. The thing is, I need accountability and well, goals, or I get complacent.

So, when Carlos issued a challenge. I jumped on it. Next, I wimped out. Then, the ragamuffin of blogger stardom posted a comment on this little website of mine. He punked me out. With zero shame. So, I’m in. Again.

The rules via The Ragamuffin:

1. You must have a measurable goal.

Medellin half marathon. Under 2 hours. Sept. 14th, 2008.

Down 20 lbs by ’09.

2. You must place a photo or video on your blog each weekend and give us the scoop on how you did.

Um, gonna need a little Blake Thompson tutorial. Coming soon.

3. You must link back here so that the readers of your blog get to see how the rest of us are failing or succeeding.

Check out the other ragamuffin top participants.

4. You fill out the linky thing below and then people can get to your blog from my front page and we can cheer each other on.


You guys could join the fun. Jump on the challenge. Or pray that I don’t fall off the wagon. That’d be awesome. You know that accountability thing I mentioned? Yeah, I need it. So, ask me how I’m doing. And friends, no more chocolate in the mail. A woman can only take so much.

4 Responses to “Ragamuffin Top”

  1. JEss said:

    I usually fall off these wagons, too. Good luck, I hope this goes well for you!

  2. Lou said:

    God Speed! I am awful at anything to do with weight and fitness, BUT I am going to see what I can do from this end. I am not going to set a marathon goal but I will set the 20 lbs. by 09 goal.

    I will also strive to do some form of physical fitness at least 3 times a week which will probably consist of walking with Colton.

    Here we go!

  3. adam said:

    good luck!!! we’re all cheering you on!

  4. Jay said:

    Just dropping by for some encouragement and accountability. I need it too. So how has YOUR week been?