peace is a treasure

Date May 29, 2008

Last week the art teacher (who teaches all 12 grade levels) held an expo to display student work.  It was a truly amazing event.  Colombian kids by nature are artistic and expressive and I was awestruck by their creativity.  My favorites were the big projects by the jardín which serves students ages 1 through 3.  Yes, I said ages 1 through 3.  They were asked “What is peace?” Their quotes were used on big murals and decorated with butterflies and handprints and such.  Here are some of the quotes.

“La paz es el alma y el corazón.”  Peace is the soul and the heart.

“Claro yo la conosco.  Una ves la vi en cine… pero hace como un año y no la hé vuelto a ver.”  Sure, I know.  I saw it once in a movie, but that was like one year ago and I haven’t seen her again.

“La paz es darle el corazón a mi mamá.” Peace is giving my heart to my mom.

And here’s a three year old’s response to the exhibit:

“Miren!  Miren!  Encontre un tesoro.  Unas huellas de niños!” Look!  Look!  I found a treasure!  Fingerprints of the children!”

What’s peace to you?  What’s your treasure?

6 Responses to “peace is a treasure”

  1. Lou said:

    Peace = Saving grace!

    Peace = Sweat on by brow in effort to grow a vegetable garden.

    Peace = Picking wild blackberries with Colton and remembering the many hours I spent in the berry patch with my Grand Dorse.

    Peace = Singing, mostly in Church but really any where.

    Peace = Cooking. I turly love to cook and find an unsual peace in doing it.

  2. Brad Ruggles said:

    Wow, what a great post.

    Peace is my family – happy, healthy and by my side.

    Brad Ruggles //

  3. Deanna said:

    Peace to me is:
    – being able to go to bed at night with a guilt-free conscious
    – watching my baby sleep
    – not being in a rush
    – knowing that if something happens to me today I’ll join HIM in Heaven
    – love

  4. Dani said:

    anything to do with my kids gives me peace

    knowing that I am a child of God


    knowing without a doubt that God is in control of everything

  5. Pete Wilson said:

    So true. Peace is such a treasure. I just posted on how I’m trying to reduce the noise in my life so I can focus more on the peace i believe Jesus can, will and wants to bring to my core.

  6. Amy Laboe said:

    Peace comes from the courage I muster to face myself. I find peace in the strength it takes to look at myself, see what I’ve done and then choosing to do what I know is right. If I lie to myself, if I justify what I’ve done so that I feel comfortable, well, then that causes distress, not peace. Finding peace takes courage. It means questioning oneself. Inner peace is a gift, it’s not free. I have a price to pay, and can only pay it with the truth about who I am. It means sweating it out. Se necesita el coraje para obtenerla. Goal setting, yes… that’s the way to go. Step by step. Perdoname Ems, pero estoy con mi regla y mucho vino tinto en este momento.. se me sale la filosofia!!!
    Te quiero mucho!