positive post tuesday. for annie.

Date May 20, 2008

My friend, Kathryn, is obsessed with celebrities and would have zero shame snapping a picture of Brangelina in the French Quarter.  Or taking pictures of their house or the building where Maddox goes to school, for that matter.  She’d also be shameless about sitting on the front row of an NSync concert as a college student and fighting a bunch of teeny boppers for a sweaty towel that Justin Timberlake threw her way.  She might even try to walk an extra time across The Grove in the hopes of glimpsing (and most likely touching) Eli Manning.  She’s awesome in that regard, fearless, and I am so not like that.  About famous people or people that I think should be famous.

Like Annie

I stumbled across Annie’s blog sometime last year via my friend Margaret’s site.  And I was hooked from day one.  She’s well written (always a plus from the grammar nerd) and really stinking funny.  And I was star struck.  I couldn’t help it.  I think I back read everything she’d ever written.  I couldn’t help myself.  She was honest and real and genuine and brave. 

And she still is.  And she’s a teacher and she loves her kids as much as I do.  You can tell by the way that she writes about them and she’s brave.  Did I mention that she’s brave?  Because she is.  Because she’s taking a step toward her dream.  She’s leaving what is comfortable and known and home and she’s moving closer to Christ.  And she’s sharing it all on her blog which is incredible and funny and such good writing. 

And an additional plus?  She’s helping me to be brave, too.  I totally pulled a Kathryn and emailed her.  (oh. my. word. i’m. such. a. stalker. not. cool.  AT. ALL.)  And I was like, “you know your sister, Tatum?  Well, she was in Ghana with my friend Margaret and Tatum’s friends with Mary Margaret who’s married to James who lives in Zambia and was one of my brother’s biggest college buddies.  So, um, we should be best friends.  Okay?” And she totally replied and told me that I’m NOT crazy!  She so got fifty extra cool points for that.

So, today, I’m thankful for Annie and I’m sharing her (my new best blog friend) with you.  Go tell her hello.  Or check out some of my recent favorites from her below.

Me, either!

I miss you in moments, too.

Oh, and write something positive about someone and leave it at Brody’s site.  Or read something nice about someone you don’t know.  It feels good.



3 Responses to “positive post tuesday. for annie.”

  1. AnnieD said:

    Wow. Thank you.

    And you are not a stalker. You are a friend. Two totally different things.

  2. me.. said:

    You. Are. Such. A. Nerd.
    HAHAHA. AND, it makes it even funnier that Annie read your blog and posted on it! 🙂 But, you know I love you. I’m glad you are trying to be brave. I don’t think you’re phycho at all. Ok, maybe a little. BUt, again, you know I love you and always will (even when we are making Nshima together in our African hut in the middle of nowhere).

  3. chowle said:

    Enjoying your blog, Emily. Send me your email address. We miss you.