Date May 13, 2008

Chu–que? Exactly. That’d be chunchurria con arepa, a Colombian favorite. Here are some pictures for you. Number one: Me trying it because I stinking love the family that invited me for the weekend.

Number two: My reaction to trying it. It’s was SO not biscuits and gravy.

And just for fun, a picture of the twins and me watching el vaquero shoeing the horses and one of us saddled up and headed for our afternoon ride.

6 Responses to “chunchurria”

  1. Kelsey Smith said:

    haha looks like fun

  2. Summer said:

    You are just so cute in that baseball cap!

  3. Anna said:

    horses…I’m proud of you! Have you ever heard my experience on a horse????

  4. Lou said:

    It was good to see you. Looks like you were having a wonderful time except for the bisquit thing.

  5. Kyles said:

    Ém that face you fulled when eating that thingy reminds me of when you were over here trying foods…

    Horse riding, love it, wish i was there for the adventure 🙂

  6. Trava said:

    The pictures didn’t show when i read this. sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. i hate i missed the “face”. BTW……..we have a new colt @ our house!! a beautiful little stud colt. i’ll send a picture soon.