it’s a sad addiction

Date April 2, 2008

I’m a teacher and sometimes I loose my cool. It’s not pretty. I admit it and of course, there’s a story coming.

Last year, I’d had one of those days that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Just no good. I didn’t love on my kids enough and I didn’t set an example. I was grumpy and irritable and my least favorite version of myself. The next day there was a fresh out of the fridge, perfect 12 oz. can of attitude adjustment sitting on my desk with a hand written note.

Dear Miss Witt,

This should help today be better. I think you forgot to drink one yesterday.


A student who knows your addiction

Okay, the letter didn’t end that way, but it should have.

My name is Emily and I’m addicted to Diet Coke. I know, it’s a sad state of affairs. It really is, but I NEED Diet Coke in my life. I do. At least I think I do or thought I did or hope I’ll thought I did soon. What? Yep, I think I’m giving it up. No, I AM giving it up. I AM. There are five cans of heaven left in my fridge and I’m not buying more. I’m not. I am stronger than Diet Coke. I am. I am. I am. Goodbye, my love.

But maybe you should check in on me this time next week to see how I’m holding up. (Linds is never gonna believe this!)

13 Responses to “it’s a sad addiction”

  1. Stephen said:

    If you start smoking, it might help you forget about the Diet Coke.

  2. Emily said:

    Awesome idea, Stephen. I’ll take it into serious consideration.

  3. Cori said:

    I love it! Diet Coke addiction is seriously more prevalent than any of us addicts would like to admit… (I found you on Anne’s blog)… So, I was in Nicaragua on a mission trip last week and there were about four us DYING for a Diet Coke. Of course there its called Coca Cola Light. Not quite as good, but will do when desperate! And the can looks the same except for the Spanish. 😉 The third or fourth day of the trip, after working in the dirt under the 95 degree weather, we were presented with the best present ever: cold Coca Cola Lights– (and other sodas for the rest of the team). It was wonderful. Sad, pathetic, but wonderful to have a taste of home!

    Your student must really care about you. To not only notice but to take action. Very thoughtful… and convicting.

    -Fellow Diet Coke Fan

  4. Cori said:

    okay, so i peaked around a bit… are you living in Colombia?

  5. Emily said:

    I must admit, Cori, that it is in fact Coca Cola Light in Colombia as well and I assure you that it tastes doggone good! Definitely gives the real thing a run for her money!

  6. Anna said:

    I love you but not sure I believe you. But, I do know that for the first time since you have been gone–I am glad that I will not be around to see the end result of this.

  7. Emily said:

    Believe it, Anna! I’m down to two. (You better say a prayer for me.) And I wish you WERE here to see it!

  8. Lindsay said:

    OK, I have swallowed my shock.
    You know the diet coke tastes really crummy over on this side of the planet so I’ve switched over to coke zero until I return stateside.
    But I will have you know that I don’t take a sip until at least 7 p.m., when I get home from work. That, in my opinion, is a step away from addiction.

  9. Blake said:

    Coke Zero is so much better anyhow. And Vanilla Coke Zero is primo. See if Jacobo can smuggle some in for you.

    Or get a hammer and bang your pinky toe every time you think too long about DC. Then you’ll stop before long.

  10. CC said:

    I too am a teacher. I too am addicted to Diet Coke. I will not be leaving it anytime soon.

  11. me.. do I HAVE to put my name? said:

    Don’t listen to these people, Emily…. STAND STRONG. Remember what I told you that day during lent.

  12. Joyce said:

    I personally think life is too short to live without thinks you love. It is like a little reward at the end of the day. It is like sweet tea when you’ve been north of the Mason-Dixon line. KIWI-STRAWBERRY propel for Rachel. It is like me saying I am never going to drink another venti white mocha from Starbucks!!! Who would ever believe that? Live for the small thinks in life that give you joy – that’s my motto.

    LUV U
    Rachel and Joyce

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