positive post tuesday.

Date March 26, 2008

Brody offered up a challenge, remember? So, here’s my Tuesday.

I’m not sure how so much wisdom can be wrapped up in a 20 year old kid, but it’s there. Wisdom and truth and a grown up sensibility with a childlike longing for the reckless. He’s a dreamer and an artist and a musician and a poet. He’s terror on skis and easy laughs over ice cream. He’s a Mississippi boy that straddles the Continental Divide and writes down stories from times long past.

But that isn’t even the beginning. Joe reminds me that there’s a reason to dream and that letters should start with “dear” and end with meaningful farewells. He begs me to stand apart and leads by example. He’s a friend to many, a mystery to more and he embodies all things pure. He writes love letters to his Someday and doesn’t stumble on his yesterdays. He’s strong and good and he shares my Hope. He begs me to see Jesus in everyday things and in heartbreaks and to praise Him through it all. He leads me toward the King and reminds me of his promises. And I am thankful for this man that is my family, eternally and here on Earth for a while.

And I love you, dear cousin. So very, very much.

3 Responses to “positive post tuesday.”

  1. Stephen said:

    Lexie and I both agree that we wish this guy wasn’t related to you. Then the whole incest thing couldn’t hold you back.

  2. Emily said:

    Yeah, that whole incest thing’s tricky. He’s a good reference point, though, huh? It’s a lofty goal, but if all else fails you guys are still game to adopt me, right?

  3. me.. do I HAVE to put my name? said:

    Have I mentioned that I love Joe??? Joe, I love you.