ah, mail.

Date February 23, 2008

There’s just something about the USPS symbol that toys with my emotions in a way that you wouldn’t believe. Honestly, my students are a little obsessed, too. That could be my fault. Still, the highlight of our day is afternoon recess. We take turns running up to the Red House to check the mail. And sometimes, only sometimes, we get BOXES! And sometimes, if the moon is just right, we get TREATS in those boxes.

Yesterday at school one such box arrived. We scrapped the idea of isoceles triangles and went back to solid figures. The rectangular prism to be exact. And it just so happens that individually wrapped rice krispie treats are, in fact, in the shape of rectangular prisms. Education should be about real world connections, right?

I sat there with 24 angels from Colombia, watching their faces, listening to their smacking, refusing to tell them to chew with their mouths closed. Remembering the joy of trying something for the first time. I wish that I could bottle that feeling. Save it forever. Open it once in a while. Revisit the tingle. Firsts always pass too quickly.

4 Responses to “ah, mail.”

  1. Katie said:

    I am so enjoying your blog! It is a great way to keep up with you and your adventure in Colombia! You should post your mailing address on here….that way you might get more mail. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Stephen said:

    Lexie makes fun of me because I love going to the post office so much. I love mailing things and receiving things. There’s just something exciting about it. And there’s just something weird about me.

  3. mad libs | Among the Wildflowers said:

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  4. sharon said:

    hhi emily, and ew all can’t wait until you get home we love deary. A of mail i havekept you write beatuful i have keptall of them. Ilove the way you word them. hurry up and come home