the shower caddy makes equals of us all

Date June 29, 2010

This has been an experience.

Of course, the nerd in me got all giddy and googley eyed when I thought about going back to school for the summer.  I was making lists and filling up my planner before I’d even gotten accepted into the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Project’s Invitational Summer Institute.  (Just typing that long title makes me feel all important and smarty-pantsy.  I’m not really.  I just feel like I am.)

Anywho, I eventually did get accepted (typed letter.  on letterhead.  in a fancy envelope.  SO important.) and I got to use all of those lists I’d made and I got to pack my life into a laundry basket and put it in the backseat of a car that cranked right up (unlike that 1995 model Mazda 626, may she rest in peace).

In no time, I was driving onto the campus of MSU for my second stint as a student in Starkville, MS.  Sure, I was a little more world-wise and I little less fraternity row and do-I-look-fat-in-this-animal-print-halter top obsessed, but I was still nervous.

Nervous about leaving The Hubs and our Beagle pup, nervous about my flowers dying of drought, nervous about pigging out on Papa John’s pizza and gaining 30 lbs (not that I would EVER, have EVER done something like that) nervous about walking into a classroom full of strangers, nervous about my ability to keep up a student paced life.

But here I am at the end of June on my last day of class headed toward 6 hours of graduate credit and an A to boot.  My laundry basket’s in my backseat, my dirty clothes are in the floorboard, and the snazzy hot pink bedding my mother-in-law bought me is folded neatly, too.

Now, does anyone need a shower caddy?  Shower shoes?  Anyone?

4 Responses to “the shower caddy makes equals of us all”

  1. sisser said:

    I laughed out loud for a long time over that animal print comment. And I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say I’m guessing that outfit ‘did nothing for you’. I’m just saying.

  2. Lou said:

    Sisser is harsh!

    I had to laugh about the animal print comment as well.

    Sounds like you enjoyed though. Ready to read!

  3. Dani said:

    I envy you Emily. I would love to go back and take some classes. But instead, I’m gonna settle for teaching my kids at home next year….. wanna help? haha

    I am loving these new posts! I didn’t realize you were blogging agian until you had several new ones. I couldn’t read them fast enough! I was so excited!

    Loving you!

  4. robin said:

    BEAGLE pup!? Oh, it is official. You are simply crazy in a good way. Just like me. Are there any classes for crazy…?