a need

Date January 24, 2010

I have a need for silence.

Sure, I love the sound of padded puppy feet running across the tile early in the morning.  And I adore the childish chatter in a third grade classroom.  I love the sound of football stadiums and the roar that stays in my ears for hours after a worth-the-road-trip concert.  And, yes, I’m crazy about crowded swimming pools, splashing water, and the “Mommy, watch me!”s that come along with them.

Still, I have a need.

To sit on back porches and watch the rain.  To lay on the couch with a blanket, a book and a Sunday afternoon.  To drive on country roads without the radio.  To sit at a table and write.  To walk around a yard, alive and green and mine.  To take a shower in the middle of the day.  To pull out old pictures and put them in stacks on the floor.  To remember.  To ponder.  To dream.

Yes, I have a need for silence.

11 Responses to “a need”

  1. deanna f. said:

    Me too! I love to pull out old photo albums and sit for hours.

  2. Trava said:

    That blissful silence is God’s salve for a roughed up soul. Our busy-ness and live-out-loud lifes are wonderful, but I love the quiet, too.

  3. Your Husband said:

    I have a need… more cowbell.

  4. sisser said:

    lanny’s comment is appalling (sp?).

  5. Amy Laboe said:

    Your post made me think of a reading…here’s part of it:
    “We need silence, not to escape from ourselves but to know the foundation, the roots, the tendencies of our true nature….. This experience shows us that we are called to discover a new relation with the things of daily life, such as words. Our functional equipment is necessary to our lives, but it must not be the master. …If we work inwardly, we learn to preserve a distance from the events of our lives, to stop for a few moments and return to the living sensation of ourselves.” ~Henriette Lannes

  6. Dani said:

    That is so true. We all need some time to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the things God has provided.

  7. Lou said:

    Amen! I don’t know when this need will be fulfilled but, amen.

  8. Brenton said:

    And if in that moment of quiet, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee (preferably of the Louisiana variety)…. then well.

    That’s nice.

  9. Robin said:

    me too

  10. Summer said:

    I swear, Em, when you list the things you love about life, it’s like I’m reading my own words–except much better written! I hope all is well with you. I’m reading some really good books I need to pass along one of these days…

  11. Sisser said:

    i got dat bad need for dat silence. why in da hades am i a teacher?