writing from worms

Date February 24, 2009

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get started writing.  My brain goes all fuzzy and fills up with nonsense and, for the life of me, I can’t get anything logical down on paper.

I could stress out, I guess, or have an emotional breakdown, but I’ve already had one of those today and two squalling fits in a single Tuesday seems a bit like overkill.  So, I just scribble out nothings hoping to uncover a something inspiring eventually.

Some days I’m lucky and I find a beauty like this one and other days I find a pile of worms or worse.  But it doesn’t really matter because worms are treasures, too, aren’t they?

They dig and creep and bury themselves beneath the earth wriggling all the while, and there in their tunnels, twists, and turns the soil is richer than when they came.

5 Responses to “writing from worms”

  1. Lou said:

    GROSS!…..or to step back in time…..gag me with a spoon! Do you remember that one?

  2. Deanna said:

    Ok, your writing is beautiful as always…but that picture you posted is gross. And not because of the dirt, but because of the dirt under that person’s fingernails!!!

  3. Dani said:

    Ok I feel stupid. I was trying to decide if that was your hands and how on this Earth you took a picture of both hands. HA! It wasn’t until this morning that I realized someone else could take pictures of those hands. ohhhh what child number three has done to my poor mind!

    oh- the dirt doesn’t bother me it’s the band-aid.

  4. Sisser said:

    i like dirt.

  5. sherry said:

    Reminds me of the book HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS which was way fun. We even made worm condominiums and had a blast coming up with recipes for how to eat those worms. We ended up using spaghetti noodles (for the worms) with peanut butter and jelly. The kids came up with the sandwich and I just enabled the fun! Wasn’t as bad as it sounds! So I like worms and read Diary of a Worm to my class when we start talking care of the earth. Gotta have fun where you can!!!