no, the hunka hunka is not a possibility

Date September 18, 2008

Seriously, guys? I mean, really? Five of you were brave enough to actually say, “Who is he?!” in the comments and another fifteen or so more discreetly sent me an email begging for the insider’s scoop.

Y’all are sweet (and reaching and nosy and all of those other things that I love about you).

I guess you’re right, though. I should have thought before putting a picture of me with a boy (who happens to be handsome, married, and my principal) on my blog. Not smart. You people just have entirely too much hope for me.

Newsflash: I don’t play well with men. It’s a character flaw.

OH! And then there are those of you, well one of you, who shall forever remain nameless (*cough*cough* Sisser), who left this very relevant comment on another post:

why in the world would you need a friend with an “is he right for me?” radar when you have a “does he have a ridiculously miniscule flaw that should keep me from liking him?” radar. generally your radar eliminates guys way before any of your friends get to. but for those few you do let slip by, thank heavens i have my “emily, be cereal” radar to make you think straight again. and yes, i said ‘emily’ because that’s usually what i have to call you when you’re not listening and making ridiculous arguments like “but he likes books, and he can write letters, and he likes frisbee” when really he’s the most socially awkward person on the face of the planet and generally just not cool at all. was that mean? maybe i’m bitter too. i mean, be cereal, em. just stick to boys that burn stumps on the weekends. at least they’re cute. or just quit all this dating nonsense altogether and hang out with a sisser. lawd knows i ain’t got no life. we can get a dog.

She’s funny, huh? Funny, honest, gentle. All of those sweet sorts of things that I’m just not.

And she’s probably going to be my roommate forever cause lawd knows we ain’t either one got a life. Or a prayer with the opposite sex.

Yep. We should get a dog.

9 Responses to “no, the hunka hunka is not a possibility”

  1. Summer said:

    Dogs are great! I got one before I ever got a boy. I do have a comment about Sisser being “funny, honest, gentle” but not you. Those are exactly some of the things I would have said about you! By the way, don’t give up on boys yet. Ask Lindsay about some of the “winners” I wasted my time with before I met JP. Talk about a turnaround.

  2. Lou said:

    Please don’t give up! He may just still be in prep and all of us who have “boys” already know that can be a timely process. Some would tell you in a heart beat if you get them before the prep is finished it could be really bad. hahhahahah.

    Love Ya, Lou

  3. Sheila said:

    Well, I have a husband of 21 years and a dog,I am happy don’t get me wrong but, I can tell you, I spend lots more time with the dog… Its not by my choice most times, but seems like he has more of a social life than me and I would much rather be home sitting on the porch with a glass of tea and a Woman’s Day.. Good luck finding mister right I know there are some out there! You know the saying “Good things come to those who wait.”

  4. Nieca said:

    Okay, okay — So, I actually asked about the “possibility!!” I am the oldest cousin and I believe that entitles me to a little “family power” and also the right to carry on the “Dorothy” tradition of just plain ole’ having to KNOW!!!

    But seriously, em, he’s out there.. You just enjoy your singleness and be picky… and definitely and I REPEAT DEFINITELY make sure the “prep” is finished… Someone just told me last night, “you thought you married your dream, and woke up with a nightmare!!!” BOY, there might not even be a divorce statistic, if us gals would just wait on God to whisper, “There he is, see the shining armour and the white stallion….” Instead of getting caught up in the “blue eyes/brown eyes, tight gluts, blonde hair/brown hair, etc……”

    LOVE YOU, Sweet pea!!!!

  5. Nieca said:

    OH BTW— I want to work for that KIND of principal!!!! (hahahahahahah)

  6. Deanna said:

    Ok, I’m a little late on the commenting part, but I did read the blog WITH THE PICTURES yesterday. And, so last night, Dani, Lou, & myself discussed ‘the possibility’ as we were watching our kids (and a few others) in the church nursery.
    I have to admit, I too was wondering if there was some kind of ‘connection’ between the two of you….but I’m not Nieca….so I didn’t ask….but since she did, and so did Lou, and Dani, I must admit I thought it.

  7. Trava said:

    Men and dogs are a lot of work………..but, hey, so am I!! We don’t necessarily NEED either one, but it ain’t hopeless. I agree with Nieca. Be picky and enjoy being single. God is still working on your Mr. Right! Evidently he needs more work to deserve you!! Love ya to pieces!! BTW – April sez hi.

  8. Lindsay said:

    Ben and I found a hunka hunka for you, but he lives in Athens. When you’re willing to try again you should come for a visit. We love you, Em, and miss you terribly!

  9. Sisser said:

    there are no words. except for maybe bbbwwwwahahahahaha.