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direct quote (read: shameless kid-speak to follow. may engage gag reflex. read at your own risk.)

Date February 24, 2010

“Mih Eger, you know when you had done sneezed and sumpin’ happens?” “Um, something like what, honey?  Like when someone says ‘Bless you.”? “No, ma’am.  Like when you sneeze and a lil bit o’ boo boo comes out.  Cause that had happened to me right now.”

it’s just around the corner, right?

Date February 22, 2010

It feels like my feet haven’t been warm at all in the last ten years.  It’s raining again and I think I left my umbrella hanging on that little blue hook in the back of my classroom.  My hair is flat and lifeless; my temper’s fuse is short and ever-burning. There are dark circles under […]

a need

Date January 24, 2010

I have a need for silence. Sure, I love the sound of padded puppy feet running across the tile early in the morning.  And I adore the childish chatter in a third grade classroom.  I love the sound of football stadiums and the roar that stays in my ears for hours after a worth-the-road-trip concert.  […]

a post for Sisser who wears cute teacher clothes

Date January 6, 2010

Daddy said, “Well, she’s my favorite now, but I didn’t even like her at one time.”  And Russ probably agrees. Middle school kids think she’s the raddest thing ever. Sisser sports cowboy boots and braided pigtails. Her coach said, “Yeah, she’s fast if fast means slow.” She’s a Camp Lake Stephens rockstar. Sisser’ll watch three […]

Sometimes I love my job.

Date January 5, 2010

I rounded the corner onto the third grade hall this morning and stopped.  There, sitting quietly against the wall were nineteen brown faces.  Each in turn looked up and smiled at me– the kind of smile that asks, “Did you miss me?  Are you glad I’m back?’ I stifled a giggle and perhaps a tear […]

Date January 3, 2010

Deep down inside of me there lives a little girl who dreams of books and great masked men and adventures to unfurl. She walks upon clouds and swims in seas and she dances across the world. She shouts at mountains and laughs at mermaids and gypsies and kings. And late at night she whispers to […]

Date December 17, 2009

There’s something about writing that eases my mind.  Something that clears the cloudiness.  And I wonder how in the world I managed to go without it for so long.

the list: back by popular demand

Date December 16, 2009

Because of Winn Dixie is one of my all time favorite children’s books.  I reckon I like it because there’s just a hint of sadness in it and a little girl who misses her mom.  I can relate to that.  Then, there’s her daddy, The Preacher, that gives her a list of ten things she […]

something like that

Date August 25, 2009

Sitting next to Kevin at lunch: “Ms. Edgar, so this milk come from a chocolate cow or what?”

thanks, i think

Date August 20, 2009

I’m not one of those seasoned teachers that has their craft worked out to a smudgeless art.  I’m not one of those cutsie teachers with a cheer pony and a matchy matchy outfit.  No, I’m not that at all. In fact, today is only number nine of 187 blessed contract days. My feet look like […]