this post was not written so you could lecture me on the importance of sun safety.

Date August 3, 2010

I feel it.  That river of sweat rolling down my spine, veering just to the left before it cascades over my meaty waist line.  Nice.

That guy with the weird voice– the one on the radio– says it’s 102 degrees outside today and I believe him.

There’s another river in the making.  This one’s starting from my forehead, end of my nose, down my chin, curve, curve, curving, tumbling.  Yep.  Right between ’em.  Gross.

This is ridiculous.

There’s an air conditioned room not five feet from me.  There’s a Diet Coke in the refrigerator and it’s probably got little chunks of ice on the top.

For cryin’ out loud, what am I thinking?!  Why can’t I stop this?

You know, too, don’t you?

We all know it.

If you can’t lose it, tan it.

5 Responses to “this post was not written so you could lecture me on the importance of sun safety.”

  1. lynn said:

    Oh you crack me up!!! I just love it when you write. You make my day!!

    in HIS love and mine,
    lynn <

  2. jessica said:

    so true girl..I sure could use a large sweet ice tea and a tenderloin biscuit…..LOL! Have a good school year!

  3. Lou said:


    Surely, I am just mistaken……but what were you thinking!

    I love it when you write, too. I am praying for you some time to set aside each day just to do that. You know Big Mama writes her next days blog the night before…just suggesting….hahahhaha

    Love you, Lou

  4. deanna said:

    I love it! ‘Cause although its deathly hot outside, I still love to feel the sun on my skin.

    P.S. I think the sun has limited your spelling abilities in this post. But that made it that much more fun to read! HA!

    P.S.S. Did you and Mr. Edgar have a lovely anniversary??

  5. Dani said:

    Just yesterday a lady was talking about how “tan curves” were better. HA!

    I do agree…. but I am not about to lay around in the heat for “tan curves”