for my papa (on dating regrets and such)

Date June 10, 2010

“If there’s a thug within a hundred mile radius, you’re gonna date him,” Daddy told me late that afternoon.  I tried to pretend like he wasn’t right, but I knew better.

Daddy was always right.

He was an about-to-be Marine– tall and handsome with hands as big as nighttime.  Not Daddy, the thug,  I mean.  His truck growled and groaned like a retired and dying hound dog and I sat right over next to him in it as we drove down my parents’ curvy, gravel drive.

He lit a Camel one handed and I simultaneously choked back a gag from the stench and the heart that was in my throat.

I saw Daddy in the rearview mirror of that loud, gray Chevrolet.  He was shaking his head just so and waving with one hand.   A hand that was strong and rough from bread trays and tractor wheels.

A hand bigger than nighttime.

5 Responses to “for my papa (on dating regrets and such)”

  1. felicia said:

    absolutely love this. I am so glad you are writing…again..i’ve missed you…my blog sidebar was sad the whole time it said direct quote…….glad you are moving up the list of recent posts…

  2. Christine said:

    I agree. It is such a welcome sight to see a new post… a refreshing break from the day’s stress.

  3. deanna said:

    This reminds me, I saw Randy in his “Wonder wagon” the other day….

  4. Lou said:

    Precious. I love Uncle Ran Ran. I have to tell you a quick story that I am sure will not be quick.
    The first time that my son had an encounter with Uncle Ran Ran was one day almost 2 years ago. We were at their house for something and Uncle Ran was on the mower and rode over too us. Of course he had to act like he was going to run over Colton. This completely terrified my son. To my deep regret, he just has not had enough exposure to the Witt craziness as I would like. I mean he gets plenty of Eddie but there is so many more out there (Uncle Ran, Wally). Like I said that was almost 2 years ago. We met Uncle Ran a few weeks ago on our way to school and I mentioned that was Uncle Randy to Colton and he said “Is that the man that tried to run over me with the lawn mower?” I literally like to have died laughing. I also had to call your daddy just to let him know how my son remembers him and that he had made such an impact on his life.

    Glad you are writing again – BTW.

  5. robin said:

    a hand bigger than nighttime… that’s goooooood 🙂