a post for Sisser who wears cute teacher clothes

Date January 6, 2010

Daddy said, “Well, she’s my favorite now, but I didn’t even like her at one time.”  And Russ probably agrees.

Middle school kids think she’s the raddest thing ever.

Sisser sports cowboy boots and braided pigtails.

Her coach said, “Yeah, she’s fast if fast means slow.”

She’s a Camp Lake Stephens rockstar.

Sisser’ll watch three movies in one day with me and share the Diet Coke.

She fell hard once and at the end, we all cried.

Sisser’s a lover not a fighter– even if you’ve heard otherwise.

I’ve hiked across mountains with her and ridden The Underground with her and slept in too many too small beds with her.

Homegirl can make a BAD (in a good way) road trip CD.

Today, she’s a grown up– so, that’s “Miss Sisser” to you.

Happy first day of school, Sisser.  Summer’ll be here in no time and we’ll be beach bound.

Luh you.  Duh.

10 Responses to “a post for Sisser who wears cute teacher clothes”

  1. Me said:

    Love it. I hope she had a wonderful day. Please note that I was the first to post on this.

  2. felicia said:

    This is sweet. I hope she loves teaching. Where did she get a job?

  3. Robin said:

    Like Sisser like sisser…mind molders of the highest quality!

  4. Emerson said:

    Just popped in to say hello. We missed you. Glad you’re back.
    c and e

  5. Sisser said:

    Thanks, Sisser. Had a good first day. Kids love me. Looked like a Banana Republic ad on my first day. Man, I’m a cute teacher. Got dat luuuuhhh, Sisser.

  6. deanna said:

    Y’all crack me up. I can so hear Randy saying that!

  7. Lou said:

    Love the post. Where is sisser working. I saw that she had a good day and that is good. I LOVE the banana republic comment. hahahahahaha

    Did I mention I am glad you are back. Sorry I missed your call the other day….so sorry!

    I just can’t believe that your dad has a favorite child….no matter what he says.

  8. Brenton said:

    I’m being totally serious when I say that I would give a whole lot to go back and relive one or two of those Oxford City Pool days, where Katy would be on the stand, and we’d go stand on either side of her, and the three of us would just chat about nothing, everything, but most importantly, margarita mondays or taylor nights out.

  9. sisser said:

    take that ‘she fell hard’ crap off of here. gay.

    don’t give him that much credit.

  10. jacob said:

    Emily, I truly enjoy your entries. I just wonder why none are about growing up with nate and me! For example- we found gold in the hills of your homeplace, uh food eating contest at birthday parties, and let us never forget the indoor dodgeball (dirty diaper) contests.