Date January 3, 2010

Deep down inside of me

there lives a little girl

who dreams of books and great masked men

and adventures to unfurl.

She walks upon clouds and swims in seas

and she dances across the world.

She shouts at mountains and laughs at

mermaids and gypsies and kings.

And late at night she whispers to me,

“It’s you!  It’s you, silly girl,

who dreams these wonderful things!”

4 Responses to “”

  1. AnnieBlogs said:

    Love it.

    Did you write it?

    Can I steal it and hang it on my wall?

  2. Sisser said:

    dig it.

  3. The Secret Life of Kat said:

    Wonderful, wonderful words.

  4. Lou said:

    And she is back!

    It is Monday, the 11th and I have just realized you are back. I am ashamed!