the list: back by popular demand

Date December 16, 2009

Because of Winn Dixie is one of my all time favorite children’s books.  I reckon I like it because there’s just a hint of sadness in it and a little girl who misses her mom.  I can relate to that. 

Then, there’s her daddy, The Preacher, that gives her a list of ten things she might want to know about the mother she had once- before she ran away.  And that list well, it stops my heart every single time.

I asked my students to write a list of ten things that they might want the world to know about them.  Of course, they were precious and more than hysterical. 

  • My granny’s collard greens give me gas.  (Thank you, Michael.)
  • I’m the bestest sanger ever. (Yes, Keisha, you are.)
  • I can tear up some fried chicken.
  • Reggie Bush ain’t got nuttin’ on my skills.  (No lack of self confidence here.)


My list wasn’t exactly like the ones some of my angels wrote, but I jotted one down just the same.  So, here it is.  My list of ten things.

  1. I’d like to change the world.
  2. My glass is half full and just keeps on filling.
  3. I’d rather play in the rain.
  4. There truly is no place like home.
  5. I miss my friends.
  6. If I won the lottery, I’d give every dime to my Momma.
  7. Death doesn’t scare me.
  8. I’ll write a book someday.
  9. Everything is more fun when Sisser’s with me.
  10. A really good song played at just the right time can bring me to tears.


What’s on your list?

14 Responses to “the list: back by popular demand”

  1. Lou said:

    Oh Em, these kind of post make me have to stop and think and this day at work is just not a day to do that since I did absolutely nothing yesterday. I am feeling a bit guilty about it too.

    I am definitely going to have to get back to you on this.

    I’ll come back when I have had some thought time.

  2. Lindsay said:

    Thanks. 😀

  3. deanna said:

    I would just like to say that I am so excited you posted again. I thought you had forgotten about us!

    This has definitely given me something to think about today.

  4. Summer said:

    So glad for your post! Thanks for giving me something to think about–and a good idea for my blog post tomorrow.

  5. stephen said:

    1. I’m glad Emily is blogging again.
    2. No one on the face of the planet is a beautiful as my wife.
    3. I’m pretty sure that my soul’s native language is music.
    4. I still have the same dreams that I did as a kid, despite how naive they make me feel.
    5. Macho stuff is for losers.
    6. Nothing in life could be better or more satisfying for me following after Jesus…no matter how many times I act as if I believe otherwise.
    7. Unless The Beatles or Led Zeppelin were to reunite with all of their dead members, I’m pretty sure I’ll never go to a better concert than U2.
    8. I am insecure and fearful about a lot of things. If Nelson Mandela is right, then my bravery will be determined not by my lack of fears/insecurities, but by how well I overcome them. We’ll see.
    9. Being a dad is weird. Beautifully, blessedly, joyously, contentedly, and amazingly weird.
    10. “I believe in the holy shores of uncreated light,
    And I believe there is power in the blood
    All of the death that ever was, if you set it next to life
    I believe it would barely fill a cup
    Oh, because I believe there is power in the Blood.”

  6. Lou said:

    Wow! I read Stephens…deep…mine will not be so.

    1. I love to sing!!!!!!
    2. I worry more than my mother and grandmother but I hate admitting.
    3. I love my son more than life itself.

    My relief just walked in the door so I will continue this later.

  7. Dani said:

    I have typed and deleted my list at least ten times. I’m sure this wasn’t meant to be so mind boggling, but seriously… I think I’m pretty much an open book. There isn’t much you can’t tell about me from being around me. Here goes…

    1. My kids are the greatest gift from God.
    2. I realized after my second child that God really does not give us more than we can handle. He gives us just enough to remember that He is in control.
    3. Crowded places makes me feel safe…not sure why.
    4. I want to live in a big city with a ton of snow!
    5. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof.
    6. Amazing Grace is the most beautiful song EVER written.
    7. There is nothing about my past, present, or future that I would change.
    8. I love that God is my Heavenly Father.
    9. I get excited when my kids reach a new milestone… like pottying in the big potty!
    10. I love life and all it holds!

    love you Em!

  8. Sisser said:

    glad your glass is half full. bout damn time.

    get back to ya with my ten.

  9. Brenton said:

    1. I also am happy that Emily is blogging again.
    2. I’m a hopeless, hopeless, hopeless romantic. It’s trouble.
    3. I have an embarrassing soft spot for ghetto rap. Like the really awful stuff, but only if it’s played in the correct situations.
    4. There’s a pretty good chance that God designed Colorado as a place for me to move when I turned 26. It’s too perfect to be otherwise. I love, love love love, love Colorado.
    5. I consider Mississippi home, though it’s not where I was born or where my childhood took place. It is, however, where I became me.
    6. I’m still not entirely sold on this whole lawyer thing.
    7. I think my dream situation is to work on a beach all summer and a ski resort all winter.
    8. I like extremes.
    9. I miss people being in my life daily. People who maybe aren’t that far away, but they were such an important part of my life at one point, that their absence is like a piece of me is missing. Emily Witt is once of those people.
    10. I’m an eternal optimist.

  10. Lauren said:

    Hallelujah you are back!!

  11. felicia said:

    I am so glad you ar back blogging again…yay here is my list
    1) I am slightly sad I always play it safe
    2) My mom is my best friend
    3) Is sad there is not enough time in the day to learn all the things I need to know how to do..
    4) I really believe my husband is a saint
    5) I am keenly aware I should have overcome my childhood by now and yet I still hold on to it….
    6) I am happiest at my home in my sewing room while I am on the phone with my mom, my husband downstairs watching tv sending me texts just to see what I am up to…
    7) I am grateful that I experienced Emmaus at a young age and will forever think Grenada, MS is holy ground.
    8) I am materialistic…I am working on that…God and I talk about it a lot
    9) Thinks that in the soundtrack of my life hymms would be followed by britney spears, intermingled with the beatles, james taylor, willie nelson, and topped off with rap just for the sake of memories…
    10) I am an extremly loyal, if I have ever called you friend regardless of circumstances in between I would go to bat for you in the end.

  12. jessica said:

    I am so glad you are blogging again. I have been checking.

  13. Robin said:

    were we separated at birth? Maybe born under the same sign (yes)? maybe it’s just something in that Pontotoc water…? Either way, I sho’ll is do like you! 🙂
    Glad to hear your voice again.

  14. sonny said:

    you make me want to write in my journal.