something like that

Date August 25, 2009

Sitting next to Kevin at lunch:

“Ms. Edgar, so this milk come from a chocolate cow or what?”

5 Responses to “something like that”

  1. deanna said:

    Ok, so I was reading this and I was like ‘Who is Mrs. Edgar?’
    HA HA! 🙂

  2. dani said:

    I did the same thing Deanna! Mrs. Edgar! Ha!

    It took me forever to get used to writing Williams instead of Bryant on everything.

  3. Lauren said:

    I’m sorry, but the “Ms. Edgar” got me too. TEE HEE HEE!

  4. Lou said:

    I knew who “Ms. Edgar” was but it going to take a little adjusting.

    Are you liking your new things? (town, job,…roommate!)

  5. Kyles said:

    LOL… Ms Edgar, love it!!! giggled out loud