more than lucky

Date June 15, 2009

I sat around a table this weekend with two Colombian families and my two Canadian sidekicks.  We ate chicharrones, frijoles, and patacones as we carried on comfortable conversation and tried not to choke while we giggled over the drama a ten year old can conjure up.

I’m back in the city today, alone in my apartment thinking about it all.  Thinking about spending my final weekend in Colombia speaking Spanish, soaking up sunshine, and driving through the Andes Mountains with a family that considers me their own.

They hug me and laugh with me and they couldn’t care less that my Spanish grammar is pot.  They fix my favorite meals at the finca and tease me for going to bed so early.  They bring arequipe just for me and put my glass of milk in the freezer because they know I like it really cold.

They kiss me goodnight and ask what else I need and I tell them that I have my two friends with me, them a room away, an oscillating fan, and a bed.  What else could I possibly need?  I snuggle beneath the sheets and wonder how in the world I ended up here.

How did I get so lucky?  How will I ever manage to leave?

5 Responses to “more than lucky”

  1. dani said:

    I’m sure leaving will be tough. You will always carry a multitude of memories with you. The children you have taught more than grammar will never forget you.

    All that you have experienced will never be as significant as what you are about to experience! A lifetime of memories are waiting to be made with the one man that swept you off your feet and obviously loves you more than you could ever imagine. I’m excited for you and all that is to come for you!

    I’ll be praying for you to have a safe trip and to leave with a happy heart!

  2. Lou said:

    You know you will manage to leave like you have left every other adventure you have taken on…..knowing the next big adventure awaits.

  3. deanna said:

    I want to know what “arequipe” is. 🙂

  4. Lindsay said:

    You are coming home to something really wonderful. What an adventure it will be!

  5. Celeste said:

    I tried to leave a comment, but instead I just cried.

    Goodbyes suck.