busy, busy, busy, bleh.

Date May 15, 2009

Dear loyal and early morning Readers,

(ahem: Sum, Lou, Mama V, Annie, Deanna)

I have not forgotten you.  I promise.  I’m just too busy to breathe.

Send back up.  Or lots of chocolate.



7 Responses to “busy, busy, busy, bleh.”

  1. deanna said:

    I know you’re busy….what with finishing up in Colombia, scheduling your trip home, & PLANNING A WEDDING! 🙂

  2. deanna said:

    Oops, was I suppose to say that last one on here?!? If not, you can delete it! SORRY!

  3. Summer said:

    I know you must be busy, which unfortunately I can’t do much about. But, this chocolate thing. That is definitely something I can help. I am always glad to spread Chocolate-Love around the world! If you’re serious, I’ll have some in the mail tomorrow (which means you’ll actually get it in about a month!).

  4. Sisser said:

    you ain’t busy. quit with the lies.

  5. Lou said:

    Sisser is a little harsh wouldn’t you say. hahahahaha

    I am afraid that the chocolate would get there after you had left and I can’t come personally BUT I can pray!

    I can also do anything on this end that you want me too. I have told Aunt Kay multiple times that I am ready to help and I am due to check in with her again. As a matter of fact I will give her a call right now.

  6. The Secret Life of Kat said:

    …and Kat. I’m a loyal reader…too. It’s ok. I won’t hold this oversight against you. Sometimes we forget those dearest to us.


    Hope life eases up on you a bit…

  7. sherry said:

    I’ll bring chocolate to Mississippi and deliver it personally…you don’t have time to eat it now anyhow!! We have 13 days and counting-how about you??? Is there something you need to announce (see the first comment to answer that question)? When do you come home? Today was a hoot- this time of the year always brings out the friskyness I’ve kept in control (mine and the kids). I’m having to squash reckless behavior but am getting more giant bear hugs, especially from the little guy who looks just like Charlie Bucket in the original book about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think he’s decided he might miss me come June.