the gentleman

Date April 19, 2009

“Sebas, I know that you think third graders are no good at soccer and I know that you get frustrated with them and I realize that all the other boys use those words, but gentleman do not behave that way!  Do you understand me?!  Gentleman. do. not. behave. that. way!”

“Yes, Mees.  But, Mees, it’s just that sometimes the gentleman runs away and I’m what’s left.”

6 Responses to “the gentleman”

  1. c. howle said:

    Smart kid! Love the hike photos, I’d love to be there. You have some terrific memories to bring home.

  2. deanna said:

    HA! He sounds like he could be a mess! You gotta love kids like that though. You could write a book using only quotes from the kids you’ve taught.

  3. Summer said:

    Hilarious! I propose you compile an entire book of all the funny things your students have said. In addition to all your other potential bestselling books, I think this one would be especially successful.

  4. Anya said:

    That’s so funny. You must write a book. I will buy it…and I will stand in line all day to get your autograph!

  5. sherry said:

    ditto to the 4 entries above me! What a quick thinker he is! Art Linkletter said it all when he said, “Kids say the darndest things!” Keep those cute quotes a coming!

  6. Lou said:

    Wisdom beyond his years!