today i’m in the sun

Date March 31, 2009

I stared in awe at the distance.

The sky was dark and ominous like the shadow of some growling monster ripped from a childhood nightmare  and I’m almost certain that I could see the rain falling in enormous, lethargic drops.  I stood bathed in mountain sunshine as I watched the storm rage in a part of the city that I couldn’t touch.

“I’ve been there,” I thought to myself.

And I have.

I was there naked, freezing, and alone in the downpour- alone at rock bottom- as the rains soaked me through.

I was there trying to convince myself that the rush of water was cleaning me, washing me, giving me a chance to start over without all of the dirt.  But all I felt was cold and beaten and worn as I stood shivering, staring longingly at the sunshine just across the sky and a million miles away.

One Response to “today i’m in the sun”

  1. Stuts said:

    WOW! I have no other words. I am amazed at your writing each time I read a new post.