from coffee country to Rocky Top

Date March 30, 2009

This is my too cute Destination Imagination team.

The too cute team that won the Colombian national competition, thus receiving an invitation to the Global Finals in Knoxville, TN.

How exciting is that?

I’m bringing my Colombian angels to the Dirty South!  Get excited.

4 Responses to “from coffee country to Rocky Top”

  1. Lou said:

    This is exciting! Will we get to met them by chance?

  2. K said:

    And, that picture of you is beautiful. Hurry home; we miss you-

  3. Darlene said:

    Congratulations! That is great! I know you are so proud and they are very cute!

  4. sherry said:

    Hooray- what an accomplishment! You guys make a fine looking team!