Date February 10, 2009

After the longest day of my life, I drug a bowl out of the cabinet, poured some cereal for my dinner, and pulled my only box (yes, box) of milk from the fridge.

Then, I gracefully dropped said box of milk onto the floor.

I watched the thick, white liquid gurgle and spill and run like a lactose river across the tile.

And I sat right in the middle of it and cried.

9 Responses to “irony”

  1. Lindsay said:

    Oh, honey! I’ve been there! Check the mail in a week or so!

  2. Summer said:

    Bless your heart!! I hope today is much better.

  3. Dani said:

    Oh Em! Bless your sweet heart! I would have had myself a good cry too! Loving you!

  4. Deanna said:

    Sometimes its good to ‘cry over spilled milk’ rather than keep it all bottled up inside. Hope tomorrow is better for you!!!!

  5. Lou said:

    Can you tell we are all Southern! “Bless your heart!” We all have those days and even though that doesn’t make it any easier just know you are not alone.

  6. Anya said:

    I miss your beautiful face too!

  7. me said:

    Oh, my sweet Emily!

  8. Lindsay Nash said:

    I have boxed milk too!

  9. D. said:

    Makes you wonder why it hasn’t caught on in the US.