Seriously? My umbrella?

Date November 17, 2008

I stand out on a typical day in Manizales.

My hair is blonde and my eyes are blue although to some it would seem that I’m green with wings.  At least that’s how they stare.

Add rain to that and I’m a one woman freak show.

Because I carry a polka dot umbrella.

At least I did.  Until someone decided that they needed it more than I did and kindly removed it from the floor beneath my feet and cut out running.

I mean, seriously, how does some moe-ron expect to hide their brand new polka dots in this city of gray, navy and black.  HELLO.  Impossible.  Now I’m just wondering what I’ll say when I see my umbrella sheilding someone from the Manizales mist.

“Excuse me, sir, that’s my umbrella.”

“Um, mister, pink doesn’t really do it for you, but I looked awesome under it.”

“Permisso, senor, POR FAVOR that cute umbrella is M-I-N-E.”

“Disculpa, this rain does nothing for my hair.  I used to stand under THAT umbrella.”

“Hey, buddy.  My Southern gentility is being drenched.  GIVE ME MY UMBRELLA!”

Yeah right.  I’ll probably be all:  “Buenos dias, senor.  That is the cutest umbrella I’ve ever seen” and go on about my rain-soaked day.

5 Responses to “Seriously? My umbrella?”

  1. Amy Laboe said:

    I feel your pain. Last Monday somebody busted the window of my 1996 2-door Toyota Tercel and stole my backpack, which only had value to me…. my running shoes, my orthotics, other shoes, my favorite workout pants, and all my make-up. I went looking ’round the hood to see if they tossed it somewhere after they realized there was no laptop in it… but didn’t find it or anyone with my old Eddie Bauer backpack from 10 years ago. Booooo. Soms a b****es

  2. Emily said:

    The similarities between us never seem to end. I’d also be a total pushover in that situation and just look lustfully at my cute umbrella when I eventually saw someone walking down the street with it.

    And if it’s any consolation, people in Mexico always stare me down, too, even with my brown hair and eyes.

  3. Lou said:

    I am soooooo sorry about your umbrella, but I got to say I would never say any either. What if that moe-ron stole it for is sick little old grandma.

  4. Deanna said:

    I’ll be honest, I’m a total push over too, (except when it comes to my child) and I wouldn’t have the guts to say anything if I saw someone with my umbrella, or anything else for that matter. However, I think that’s what I got ‘My Sisser’ for. Vanessa will say ANYTHING to ANYONE and not so much as blink. She’s got the guts I can only wish for.

    So Emily, if you need to borrow Vanessa and her mouth, I’ll send her your way! 🙂

  5. Summer said:

    I can just picture you and your cute polka dot umbrella! I’m sorry that someone took it, but I love that you’ve pictured what you’d say to the umbrella-thief. That is so something I would do. 🙂