A date for Daddy

Date October 7, 2008

I love it when that old man calls me.  He makes me laugh and feel like I’m still his little girl.

Most of the time a song we love is playing on the radio and he turns up the volume so we can both hear it.

And sometimes he’s thinking of a song we love and wants to ask, “Baby, who sings that song?”  And sometimes he says, “Baby, can you sing it like she does?” Or sometimes it’s “Oh, baby, she can do it, can’t she?”

These days Daddy’s fallen for Sugarland.

He figured out how to work the remote control so he could watch their music videos and he asked me to sing one of their songs at his New Year’s Eve party last year, but only if I could cry like she does.  Only if I could make it sound like it hurt me.

Talk about pressure, but I did it for my Daddy.

He pulled a chair up close while I sang and he watched and listened like he’s done one thousand times.  Except this time there was a crowd and a microphone instead of a hearth and a hairbrush.  And when the song was over, he hugged me tightly, grinned, and said, “Baby, you did pretty good.  Now, tell me, did I see a tear?”

Sugarland is coming to a town not far from ours and I asked Daddy if he’d like to go.  He put up a fight at first and said he was too old for all those sorts of things and he reminded me that the last concert he went to was The Carpenters, but I heard the faintest hint of excitement in his voice.

So, I worked it out (sort of) and two tickets are headed his way.

I’m to repay my friend in cash or kisses.  That’s the sort of part and y’all KNOW I’m not about to kiss a boy.  I mean, ew, but I’ll deal with that later.  For now, my Daddy’s going to see Sugarland.

And just maybe while he’s there he’ll dance with my Momma and miss his big girl a little.

6 Responses to “A date for Daddy”

  1. Deanna said:

    How sweet!!! I love Daddy/Daughter stories!

  2. Lou said:

    That is just too sweet! Your daddy is such a nut, but I can see him getting all gushie over his big girl singing just for him.

    You kiss those boys because one may turn in to a prince one day!

  3. Dani said:

    Awww… How durn sweet! I got goose pimples just reading that! I love your daddy! He cracks me up everytime I see him. I too, can see him being “gushie” over you!

  4. Anna said:

    sweet, sweet randy. have to love him. Miss him and his stache.

  5. Nieca said:

    Well, now that just shed a whole new light on the “uncle.” I just can’t wait for us to get back together at Christmas, this blogging thing just may give us all a little in common to talk about, not that we ever had a problem talking……


  6. Stephen said:

    “We’ve only just beguuuuun to liiiiiive!”

    My parents had that song in their wedding. Oh, the Carpenters.