and they all fit in a backpack

Date September 30, 2008

I’m a low maintenance sort of gal. I’m not about curls or lace or frills.  No fuss here.

But there are some things that I’d rather not live without.

In list form, of course:

  • mascara (this kind is my favorite)
  • lip stuff that lasts (for example)
  • these shoes Sisser bought me (before they were cool)
  • good ponytail holders
  • jeans with holes in them
  • old school camp t-shirts


7 Responses to “and they all fit in a backpack”

  1. Amy Laboe said:

    Good question…
    -some form of music
    -wet wipes
    -change of underwear
    hahhahahhahaha…wait, wait…more
    -a toothbrush
    -an atlas
    -my black sweatpants
    -a camera
    -running shoes
    -my journal
    -a pillow
    Let’s hit the road!!!

  2. Matthew Kelon said:

    1) Blackberry
    2) tennis shoes
    3) You

  3. Lou said:

    – toothpaste and brush
    – pen and paper
    – deo
    – clean undies
    – good shoes (on my feet)
    – Purell!

  4. Dani said:

    I thought about this one all night haha!

    I’m not like Lou. Good shoes are ok, but I want CUTE shoes in my backpack

    – camera
    – gum
    – good book
    – sunglasses
    – cheese! any kind, all kinds, just give me CHEESE!!

  5. Sisser said:

    – chapstick
    – ponytail holders
    – my $5 aviators
    – too-big tshirts

    yeah, i think that’s about it. so i’m more low maintenance than you, sisser.

    maybe that’s because i’m a boy? i’ll never get married.

  6. Sisser said:

    – oh, and good jams. you forgot that one too, sisser.

  7. Nieca said:

    YIKES!!! I may be a “high maintenance” girl…

    My backpack has gotta have:
    1) UNDIES!!!!
    2) DEO!!!
    3) Toothbrush and tooth paste
    4) Water, coffee, sugar, creamer, etc…
    5) Poptart or granola or something!!!
    6) Something you definitely want me to have is MEDICATION!!!
    7) Contact solution and glasses, just in case..