The 40 Day Fast. My day.

Date July 26, 2008

I live on the busiest street in Manizales, Colombia.  There’s a theatre within walking distance, a large grocery store, and a Juan Valdez coffee shop who’s wifi I can pick up occassionally.  There are people wearing clothes imported from the States and fancy cars that fly by obnoxiously blowing their horns throughout the night.  There are restaurants with fruity drinks and those forks that are too heavy to use for eating and there are children without shoes standing on corners begging for change, a meal, any hint of compassion.  They are hungry.

Nutrir is non-profit foundation that feeds children in the two lowest social stratas of the city.  They provide breakfasts and lunches for nearly 4,000 children in 21 locations throughout the Manizales.  My class and I spent a day at one Nutrir location downtown.  We saw the stores of food and heard about the lack of funding and the number of children for whom they are still unable to provide.  And we heard about the hope that they have for increased donations, more plates, more potatoes, more full bellies.  We asked questions and wandered around until we heard a clamor in the cafeteria at the front of the building. 

The street children rushed in and stopped politely when they saw us.  They murmured greetings and giggled in hushed whispers about the blonde teacher in their presence.  Then they took their seats and waited patiently on the meal that Nutrir was providing them.  They ate hungrily and we watched and I couldn’t help but wonder what life must have been like before Nutrir fed the children. 

This post is part of the 40 Day Fast.  Erin is writing today as well.  Visit Inspired to Action to learn more about the 40 Day Fast and to read other bloggers’ posts on a needs of the world and organizations that are helping to meet those needs.

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  2. euphrony said:

    Erin, I’ll be praying for you today. And I’ll be praying for the children that Nutrir helps and those they desire to help. Their work truly is a good one.

  3. The Secret Life of Kat said:

    My Spanish is rusty, but is their slogan, “Where there is bread, there is peace.” How true that is…

    Thanks for sharing about this, Emily (bff). 🙂

  4. Lou said:

    I will be remembering Nutrir today especially but also I am going to share this with our GA group to see what we may want to do in the way of prayer for them as well.

    Love ya and it was wonderful to get to see you even for just alittle while.

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