old friends and morning runs

Date July 10, 2008

Yesterday morning I got up early to meet a friend. He’s a bit of a wanderer, too, and I like that.

Somehow it always works out that we’re together in Mississippi at some point in the year. With crazy schedules and whirlwind lives, it seems impossible for old friends to visit. And then there’s the hiccup that is home and we see each other.

We meet on the black top of this small town’s streets in running shoes. The morning is bright before us. We start at an easy jog, laughing at how the rhythm comes back to us so easily. We chat about new adventures, new jobs, new languages. We breathe in and out, our feet forming a familiar cadence in a familiar place.

Life is good.

We are together and moving forward. A series of steps that forever lead back to a hidden town, a morning run.

2 Responses to “old friends and morning runs”

  1. Amy Laboe said:

    We didn’t run enough together when we had the chance. What gives? Te extrano muchisimo amiguita. Let’s skype soon. Te quiero.

  2. Blake said:

    Looks like you had better internet in CO than in Ptoc.