Date June 17, 2008

Lou comments here often and asked about Pedro’s attire in yesterday’s post. So, here’s the thing. No, those aren’t the uniforms the kids here wear. Pedro was dressed for a mini production of Newsies that the fifth grade class presented.

I’ve always loved Newsies and have seen it countless times. I like the history, the old newspaper articles, and the thought of kids standing together fighting for justice. From the opening shuffle to the triumphant entry of good ole Teddy, I just can’t get enough. I hum ” Santa Fe” in the house and listen to ” Seize the Day” when I need a pick me up.

Now, Pedro was no Christian Bale, but then, I’ve never heard Christian Bale speak Spanish. So, they’re even. In my book anyway. And the little girl below, well she was just too cute in her suspenders. So, I posted her picture, too.

One Response to “Newsies”

  1. Lou said:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I really couldn’t imagine those caps in their uniform but I had to ask. I now I will have to see the Newsies that you are talking about.