a story for cate and ava

Date May 23, 2008


There is a land of dreams far away

Where little girls hide and wander and play

There are jungles and deserts and castles and kings

and rivers and oceans and make believe things.

Like fairies and dragons and witches and beasts

and pageants and balls and grand royal feasts.

You’ll dance and twirl on far away shores

and search for treasures through magical doors.

But you can’t stay forever, only a while.

So dream, my angel.  Imagine, my child.

8 Responses to “a story for cate and ava”

  1. Deanna said:

    I love it! Love it, love it, love it! Did you make it up? Oh now I have to have a daughter so I can recite this to her at bedtime! 🙂

  2. Emily said:

    Yes, Deanna. I made it up. The thought of you reciting it for your little girls just thrills me beyond measure.

  3. Lou said:

    Bravo! Bravo! Wonderful writing.

  4. Lindsay said:

    Can I substitute “boys” for “girls” and read it to mine all the time?! You are so very talented!

  5. Lauren said:

    Thank you my dear, dear friend. It is perfect.

  6. Dani said:

    That is so great Em! I will have to share that with Abbey! She will just love it!

  7. Anna said:

    so sweet…going on my baby girl’s wall–well when we have a little girl!!

  8. Brittany said:

    How did I miss this before? I saw it reference in a comment on the post for Isaac and Jude. I love this! I can’t believe you wrote it. You have talent beyond measure. Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to recite it to Ada!