Date April 29, 2008

Long ago and far away, I posted about a weekend. Summer asked me for pictures and I finally figured it out. Well, Blake did. So, enjoy.

8 Responses to “overdue”

  1. Blake said:

    Glad you got the pictures working. Things look amazing. Now I’ll be looking forward to more pictures.

    Oh, and nice boots.

  2. Summer said:

    Oh, thanks Emily!! I was just telling my family this weekend about how amazing your description of this fantastic weekend was. I’m so glad to see photos.

  3. Deanna said:

    BEAUTIFUL! The scenery is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Lou said:

    I remember you writing about a weekend in the mountians and it is as beautiful as you described.

  5. Pete Wilson said:

    I so wish i was THERE right now! Beautiful pics.

  6. Katie said:

    BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy your time there!

  7. Brittany said:


  8. Rebecca said:

    The pictures are so beautiful!!! We don’t have that color green in Mississippi! I’m glad things are going so well!