Date April 14, 2008

I spent the weekend at a teacher’s conference in Cali.  It was good fun and I learned lots, met lots of people, and saw some really fast salsa dancing.  I also played basketball with a crowd of teachers from Colegio Bolivar on Friday afternoon.  They play harder than we play here and there were fewer people, so I was sucking wind like the old woman that I am.  But that’s not the worst part.  The worst part is this.  Mississippi skeeters ain’t got nothin’ on Cali critters. 

5 Responses to “skeeters.”

  1. Summer said:

    I’ll say it like the Mississippi girl I am: “Bless your heart, Emily!”

  2. Lindsay said:


  3. Lindsay said:

    BTW, sexy legs!!! (under the skeeter bites)

  4. Frances said:

    oh man! That doesn’t look fun. 😛 heheh. Hey, Emily!! How are you? Just thought I’d say hi!

  5. Sisser said:

    Nice to know you haven’t gotten any less nast since you’ve been away. Freak.