Date April 3, 2008

There just never seems to be enough of it. I feel stretched and pulled at the seams and like I’ll never accomplish it all. The reports. The paper work. The stack of books on my nightstand. The before I’m thirty list that I started before I was twenty. And then there seems to be too much of it. Too much time between now and when I see my Momma again or when I touch Lexie’s or Kathryn’s growing tummies. Too much time between now and when I enjoy reading the news in Spanish.

Time. It moves on. Leaving memories to fade as it passes and encouraging the making of new ones as we are caught up in its current. Time is clever and deceptive and somewhere beyond my understanding. It’s hours and minutes and days and years and it’s hopes and dreams and finding the place for them all. Time. It can’t be stopped or held or turned back and it can be wasted away before we realize it’s gone. Time. It changes people and hearts and places and styles and time away is changing me.

3 Responses to “time”

  1. Stephen said:

    “Time is a train
    It makes the future the past
    Leaves you standing in the station
    With your face pressed up against the glass.”
    -U2 from “Zoo Station”

  2. Jimmy said:

    Are we going to see this list?

  3. Emily said:

    The list. Yes, Jimmy. You will see the list. I promise. Just not yet.