almost famous

Date March 20, 2008

I keep an envelope that says “mile money” in a super secret place. Every time that I do a long run I pay myself. Bribery, I know, but it works for me. Then, when I run more than 10 miles on my long run, I spend the money on something I’d never spend it on otherwise. And yesterday I got a pedicure and I let a Colombian woman choose the color. Um, wow. Think purple. Really, obscenely, totally not me purple. But I kinda like it.

But the point of this post isn’t my toenails. It’s this. It’s my version of almost famous. Just a guest blogging gig, but like I said in the beginning, it’s some sort of start. This former professor of mine also mentioned my lunch lady post here. His site is good stuff. Check Dr. Mims out.

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